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  1. 2006/04/09 Z22


  • Bright Color Screen
  • 32MB* of Memory
  • Lightweight

    Meet the Palm® Z22 organizer. It's so easy to use, you can get started in a few simple steps. Pick it up. It's small and light. Turn it on. There's a bright color screen. Check it out. Appointments, phone numbers, to-do lists, and photos--keep it all there.

  • Never used a handheld before? No worries.
    The Palm® Z22 organizer was designed by the makers of the original Palm® Pilot® specifically for people who haven't seen what a handheld organizer can do. Everything is super simple--a touch of a button brings up your appointments, addresses, and more. The Palm Z22 organizer even comes with an easy three-step set-up poster to get you up and running.

    So much color, so little cost.
    Everything looks great on the Palm® Z22 organizer's bright, colorful screen. Names and addresses are easy to read, appointments can be color-coded, and photos (yes, you can even carry your photos!) come to life. In light or dark rooms, it truly shines.

    Easily find life's details.
    Thanks to the Palm® Z22 organizer, now you have one place for all those little things in life--restaurant recommendations, your niece's birthday, web site passwords, and more. Find any of it in seconds just by entering in a name or topic.

    It doesn't forget. Because sometimes people do.
    Once you put information into the Palm® Z22 organizer, you can rest assured it'll stay there. Even if you forget to recharge and the power runs out. What's more, you can save everything to your computer. All it takes is a quick cable hook-up and a simple tap1.

    Weighs around 3 ounces. Dare we call it cute?
    You won't find a smaller, more lightweight color organizer around. Youýll find that the Palm® Z22 organizer fits nicely into your pocket or purse. So you can carry years of appointments, thousands of addresses, hundreds of photos, your to-do lists, a note pad--and still you're never weighed down.

    Carry your digital photos and create photo albums.
    You can carry photos of friends and family with you and show them off on the bright color screen. Or let's say you just got back from Hawaii. Create an album of the pictures you took and share the stunning views with co-workers. With the included software, transferring photos from your computer to the Palm® Z22 organizer is a snap.

    You choose the way to enter info. It's easy.
    One of the coolest things about the Palm® Z22 organizer is that you choose how to put your life's details into your handheld. Tap on the screen's built-in keyboard. Or key it in on your computer first, and then transfer it to your organizer with a simple tap1. Are you the writer type? Print using the stylus pen. Or jot handwritten notes on the Note Pad. Even beam a phone number or photo to another organizer2. (Sounds sci-fi, but it's really easy.)

    * 20MB actual storage capacity
    1 Requires compatible computer and installation of included synchronization software.
    2 Requires Palm OS device with IR support.

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    2006/04/09 03:26   By Las 
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